Way Cool! 80s Pop Culture Explodes Online

Pop culture hit a high note in the 80s, fer sure. Neons and New Wave lit up the land. Are you one of those who yearn for that totally awesome decade? No need to fret: Online offers a veritable treasure trove of 80s digital memorabilia for the pop cultural connoisseur—from movie reviews to photos to trivia and games, you’ll be elated to find anything and everything to quell that bodacious appetite for 80s pop culture. To the max!

By the way, no one can call themselves a true pop cultural literato without a deep-rooted knowledge of the 80s. Don’t know who Max Headroom is? That deserves a techno-stuttered "spazz-o-rama." If you never wanted to play Global Thermonuclear War or wished to be friends with Molly Ringwald, you better start reading up some online. And go buy a Rubik’s cube or something, STAT.

Anyone who doesn’t know the 80s but claims pop cultural supremacy should be dragged through the coals for their heinous crime. For example: I was googling pop cultural quizzes online so I could link to one from this post and was appalled at what I found: quizzes like this one asking users to name all the members of New Found Glory. Please. Gag me with a spoon! (NOTE: I know the answer, but that’s beside the point.)

For all you 80s lovers, here are some online destinations designed to tickle your joystick or floppy disk in all the right places. Wondering if you are a true child of the 80s? Click here and find out. Want to put your 80s movie knowledge to the test? Play this Vh1 game, and decide if you’re more Revenge of the Nerds or Heathers. Finally, for some He-Man turned on it’s head, don’t miss The Skeletor Show. It’s no Jem, but it's still truly outrageous!

So what’s your fave thing about the 80s? Hit me with your best shot!


Amalia said...

I love the 80s. You're a brother after my true 80s heart!!! Ahora, aunque se perfectamente de que se trata, nunca fui fan de Max Headroom. Lo que mas me haria gracia es un "Where are they now?" de muchos 80s icons.

Luisa said...

What I like most about the 80s are the crazy hairdos and puffed up prom dresses. Classic! But I can't say I know a lot about 80s trivia.

Natalia said...

I love the 80´s but is not like I have free will about it. Born an 80´s child I simply am part of the our sinful and decadent decade... I love it how globalization never happened and we were simply amazed by tennisshoes and hairspray...Juan hairspray is something else... It is either Breakfast Club or Prince...dazzling. No enviromental policies, no condoms, no global warming...No worries just new wave and pop... Weren´t we crazy? It is us who made Michael Jackson like the coolest and most famous guy ever...talking about raw models,think Don Johnson, think Paula Abdul, think Automan and (I had no TV cable by then-not until 1985 - so I do not kow some of the names...Manimal, Transformers, Menudo y Flans...I am about to login in 80 trivia... I already feel the rush...

Rosalia said...

i love the 80's... specially early Madonna hits and bright pink socks!!!

Alvaro said...

I think not a lot of the new 80´s followers really like that decade. What we really like is making fun of it, how ridiculous it was but how girls can manage to look so sexy in high heels and sport shorts at the same time.
The 80´s was a decade of decadence and yuppies, you can tell just by looking at the values promoted during that time.
The only thing really awesome was the music.

Mus said...

Yeah 80's music is the about 80% of the music on my ipod ranging from Madonna to Iron Maiden =)

Anonymous said...

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