Stick It to the Man! Sort Of...

I’ve been itching to revisit my old, riotous ways. Today I’m feeling improperly impish and want to stir up some trouble online while I’m at work. Or at the very least, I want to feel like I’m breaking the rules. The problem is that I’m such a square I’d feel remiss to do anything too crazy. So what to do? Last night I was conversing with a friend online and he pointed out that I’m not really a square; I’m most probably a rhombus. Whoa! A rhombus. I guess this means I still have some sort of edge left in me. I’m not sure, but now I feel like I have to brush up on my geometry.

Anyway, let’s get to it. Let’s wreak some online havoc!

Here's the most wicked I could muster up today: Say hello to--drum roll please--WeProx.com! This is a nifty little site that doubles as the wannabe-insurgent’s online weapon of choice by acting as a free proxy. It's not too radical for those faint of heart. Here's the deal: WeProx uses a CGI script that allows you to browse any and all sites anonymously and guilt-free. Are IP and URL-based blockers getting you down at work? Not a problem! Now you can revel in the deliciousness of your own subversive ways and go exactly where you want to go on the Web without the paranoia that IT will sound the alarm and track you down like a rabid coyote. And better yet, no one will know it was you. There is one downside though: you’ll take up a chunk of bandwidth at work—plus, the site crawls at the speed of dial-up. But who cares! You get to feel naughty.

For those of you who feel this is a little too close to dirty dancing with the digital devil, here are some Flash-based online games from Adult Swim that will still inspire fiendish delight (you’ve got to try Bible Fight!). After all, we are all rebels on the inside, cheating the system at any chance we get. Right?


Luisa said...

Thanks for the tip, but the Man is on to WeProx.com. Not only will the security system at my office not let me access that wonderful page you rave about, it won´t even let me post a comment about it.

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