Infoterrorism Unhinged — And Redefined

Terrorism on the Web is by no means spectacular, especially if you are one of those assembly-line jihadist jerks jonesing for media attention and hoping to garner some of that sought-after shock and awe for your own screwy cause. After all, it’s not as cinematic as blowing up buildings, and the experience will be devoid of rattled, helpless infidels running for their lives all bloodied and dazed. No gore, no good.

It’s no secret, however, that terrorists are adept at using information technology to power up their efforts to spread their injurious ideology and recruit many an ignorant Mr. chip-on-his-shoulder as zealously as possible. But information terrorism seems to be, ostensibly, a far more sophisticated concept than that which any religiously-fueled and violently-punctuated movement could ever leverage with skill. Check out this definition of infoterrorism, courtesy of Infoterror.com:

"Infoterrorism is the art of disrupting the media control of your enemies by pointing out paradox… it is transacted mainly through writing."

Democratic undertones, literary innuendo, resilience... Okay... I’m down with that, sure. In fact, It sounds like something I would be happy to sink my teeth into. I wonder if I’ve already dabbled in some form of information terrorism, as I feel I’ve used my writing to deconstruct and claw at societal assumptions and media fortresses myself, from this very blog.

To be honest, I thought information terrorism meant cyber-attacks on corporate IT systems—not so, according to some online thinkers. Which is all the better: At times, running counterculture against established media seems like my cup ‘o tea. But the question remains, am I bold (or crazy) enough to call myself an infoterrorist? Are you?


Francisco Guerrero said...

Aca tenes tu comment... para la proxima, dejame leer antes de exigirlo ;)

alf said...

nice new template.

Alvaro said...

Infoterrorism goes way further than that. A million monkeys typing at the same time in their computers are harmless compared to the terror lived by millions of persons because of a mass media power concentration. In the information era, you have the money then you have the media then you have the power!

Max said...

Internet has the power that the TV had on the 90's, how many times have you hear the new motto: "Google says so", taken as if the holy word it is.
There lies the true infoterrorism, there are sites that simply reaches for the lower within the human soul and feed from it to keep themselves on line while hurting phisicaly, emotionaly and mentaly whoever reaches them.
These and not the political intent ones are the true face of infoterrorisim.
Now cyber terrorism might fit into the lated description that you provide.

Anonymous said...

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