When You Care Enough to Hit Send

Sometimes life comes at you hard and fast. Sometimes you’re so bogged down with work you don’t know whether to jump out the window or take out everyone around you. Whatever happened to the unfettered life of parties, pleasantries, and play? Was it ever really real? Who knows! Who cares! Work is work, and it needs to get done. For now, I can take solace in the fact that somehow there is always humor in stressful situations, and if we take time to laugh at these (and ourselves), we can prevent frustration from taking too heavy a toll.

So on this note: I would like to recommend my website pick of the week, Someecards.com: the sarcastic/jaded/ironic answer to Hallmark’s cheeseball e-cards e-mail service. I especially recommend the workplace cards—the humor is sharp, acidic, and double-edged. These cards have never rung more true with me than today, when I am stuck at the office on a super-rainy Saturday, hustling to get things done on time for a big-shot client that doesn’t seem to make up its mind. One card I feel is spot-on reads “I’m not convinced we’ve wasted enough time on this.” Hehehe...

On a side note: What really gets me about impossibly tight deadlines--the one I'm on right now has sentenced me to a weekend at the office--is not the daily grind this demands during the last few days before the actual work is due; it’s the fact that I get so laser-focused that I can’t seem to fit anything else into my brain. The result: Finding the time and the words to write out of pure pleasure becomes a daunting task. But with sardonic sites like Someecards.com ridiculing the absurdity of life, love, and work, my need for therapy loses urgency. Because in the end, as one of the cards ominously points out: “When life gets overwhelming, remember that you’re going to die." Nice.

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RyanB said...

haha I LOVE these! I went on a frenzy when I first discovered someecards and sent them to all my friends. They're genius.