The Shallow End of the Bitstream

I find myself on the very outer rims of the digital Long Tail, and while I realize there might be purpose to my writing, I would like to dig deeper and move closer to the vortex of cyberspace. I want to engage in compelling conversation and connect with other like-minded and not-so-like-minded individuals, but am still at a loss as to how to do it. I am realizing that finding something semi-interesting to write about periodically and being confident and on point every time is tough stuff.

I'm trussed to nothing and floating freely--a celestial body at the tail end of a stellar whip swirling around far away from the center of an already super-saturated galaxy. What does it take to venture father in to the deep, cut-throat waters of the World Wide Web, were only the mightiest rise to the top, without getting burned or burnt out in the process? I tend to believe I have what it takes to create a space for myself without much difficulty, but it will all depend on the vibrancy of my posts and the compelling, sticky quality of my writing.

For me, it seems that my creative juices flow more freely late at night, when I'm tired and a now familiar lack of lucidity begins to creep and permits a torrent of ideas to flood my usually soppy brain. My day comes into focus and I can reach out up into the stars and pull down bits of thought, then shape these into words and sentences that follow some sort of logical flow. But I still need inspiration, a muse of some sort, a passion that drives me to explore the deepest ends of space and allows me to return with a shiny, attractive pearl that I can share with the digital world. What I can hope for right now is that, between all my lackluster posts, maybe-but-not-really musings, and not-so-hot arguments, there will be one or two that hit a bullseye smack in the middle and forever burn bright.


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Wow. What's in the water down there?? ;)

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